Pro bono and community interest work defines the character of Sok Siphana & Associates and its staff. I am a passionate believer that pro bono works are important not only in and of themselves, but because of the role they play in shaping our values and attitudes towards the law, our communities, the clients our firm represents and our society at large.”


Pro Bono Initiative

Since his return from his posting in Geneva, Dr. Sok announced his desire to support the development of his country through the provision of Pro Bono advisory services to the Royal
 Government. He perform hundreds of hours of pro bono works with various ministries and national institutions.

We recognise that we have a responsibility to take an active role in society, using our legal and other skills for the benefit of the public. Using our knowledge to help others extends to education. Dr. Sok has for the last 15 years provided his time to teach and lecture at various institutions of higher education. In 2009, he taught WTO laws and Commercial Laws courses at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE), and lectured Pro Bono once a month at the Royal School of Administration (RSA). The RSA, since its re-establishment in 1995, was mandated to select and train future senior and mid level civil servants in the area of General Administration, Economy and Finance, and Diplomacy. Dr. Sok is committed to improve the quality of the educational programs with a view to enhance the level of educational standard to the Cambodian student population at large, to uplift the image of the universities to be at an equal par with similar regional educational system, and to provide better career opportunities for their graduates through higher quality educational teaching.

Dr. Sok has acted as mentor to numerous students, researchers and senior professionals, thus giving them the opportunity to sharpen their knowledge and experiences and to better prepare them for the ir professional careers. 


Certificate of Appreciation from the International School of Phnom Penh, 2012


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